Licheer Hot Sell New Design VSPC Vinyl Timber Natural Real Wood Venner Rigid SPC Core

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SPC floor is a compound floor that has gradually become well-known in recent years, so did you know that Licheer also derived a VSPC on the basis of SPC floor? What’s so special about this floor? Let’s have a look.

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What is VSPC Floor?

The full name of VSPC floor is veneer stone plactic composite, which is made of solid wood surface layer and SPC stone crystal core layer through gluing process, and then processed through a series of surface treatment, tongue opening, back sticking and other processes. It is a new decoration floor.

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Advantages of VSPC Floor

1. Green and healthy
The veneer layer of the VSPC floor is taken from green and healthy pure natural wood; the SPC stone-plastic core layer material uses an environmentally friendly formula, does not contain heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, in line with EN 14372, EN 649-2011, IEC 62321, GB 4085-83 standard. The processing process is green and environmentally friendly, with no added pollutants, no radioactivity and no formaldehyde.

2. Anti-mildew and moisture-proof
The VSPC floor uses SPC stone plastic substrate as the core layer. The main component is vinyl resin, which has no affinity with water, and can be waterproof and moisture-proof. As long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be damaged, and it will not cause mildew due to high humidity.

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3. Beautiful and natural
Licheer VSPC floor selects high-quality woods such as precious hickory, oak, maple, etc., and replaces the "color film layer" of SPC stone crystal floor with the "solid wood layer" made of them, and its real wood texture gives people a kind of closeness Natural, back to basics feeling. Licheer VSPC floor not only has the visual and tactile sense of solid wood, but also achieves the effect of waterproof. Whether it is look or feel, it brings comfort to users.

4. Structural stability
The stone-plastic core layer of the floor has good dimensional stability, strong rigidity, and is not easy to deform; at the same time, the moisture content of the veneer surface is strictly controlled at 5-7%, and the two are combined with a safe polyurethane adhesive, and the structure is stable.

5. Easy to install
The lock is glue-free pavement, and the new lock design makes the paving easier. It can be disassembled and used multiple times and enjoy the fun of DIY.
Licheer VSPC floor has the advantages of solid wood floor and SPC crystal floor, and can be widely used in apartments, hospitals, schools, office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, stadiums and other places, especially family bedrooms, independent offices are highly recommended.
Licheer VSPC floor is not only cost-effective, but also does not need to spend a lot of energy on maintenance; there is no need to pre-embed keels during paving, and can be directly paved on flat ground, and no sawing is required, and can be directly cut with a utility knife. Hardwood floors are more in line with the choice of most people.

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